Photo by Rachel Lynn of Red Road Herbs
Nadine began belly dancing in 2009 and loves the fun and exercise and learning about Middle Eastern cultures. She is currently taking dance lessons with Della Gushen. A bit of a research nerd, she is curious about the many aspects and nationalities of belly dance as well as dancing for itself. Her first performances were with the Desert Angels in Sioux City, Iowa, but she now proudly dances with the Celestial Sisters. While Nadine enjoys all types of belly dance, she is especially drawn to tribal style belly dancing, which she learned from Kajira and Laurie Williams Rogers at workshops. Other workshop teachers she likes include: Jim Boz, Rania, and Shira. When Nadine isn’t skillfully dancing, she likes to dabble in Middle Eastern drumming.
Eden Nadirah
Photo by Tani Russell of Entity Photographic
In 2007, Eden Nadirah took her first belly dance class and became addicted to the mysterious, sensuous, captivating dance! Since she began dancing, she has had some amazing experiences, met other awesome dancers, and she has become more mentally, spiritually, and physically fit. Eden performed with the Desert Angels from 2008-20012, but she happily performs with the Celestial Sisters currently. Delilah is one of Eden’s most influential instructors because Eden attended Delilah’s Hawaii Dance retreats in 2009, 2010, and 2012. Eden has also taken workshops with Princess Farhana, Aziza, Ava Fleming, Saqra, Jim Boz, and many more! Her dancing is beautiful, and she enjoys playing the tambourine while she dances!

Photo by Tani Russell of Entity Photographic
Azizi’s first belly dance performance was in 2008. She performed with the Desert Angels from 2008-12, but she is happy to be part of the Celestial Sisters belly dance troupe now. Whether she dances with a group, a tambourine, or cane, Azizi loves belly dance. She feels that continuous education is essential to developing as a dancer, and she seeks out opportunities to grow as a dancer during her travels. Some of Azizi’s recent workshop instructors include Jim Boz and Malaika. Azizi’s personality shines through when she dancers and she enjoys performing at festivals, dance showcases, and other family-friendly events.
Photo by Mitchell
Karnak began her belly dance journey in 2005, and her love of belly dance was solidified in 2006 when she travelled to Egypt. From 2006-07, Karnak helped organize and performed with a college belly dance group. She took her first belly dance lessons with Liquid Hip Therapy from Sioux Falls, and she continues to learn and study belly dance. Some of her favorite workshop instructors include: Cassandra Shore, Kajira, Saqra, and Shira. Karnak performed with the Desert Angels from 2007-12, and she is now pleased to be one of the Celestial Sisters! Karnak enjoys performing with swords, veils, Isis wings, and finger cymbals. Even though she is a ham when she dances, Karnak respects and adores this art form!

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